Cold weather season in Pakistan (November to march)

In cold weather season, over Central Asia and Middle East a high pressure with anti-cyclonic conditions are established. This season is characterized by fine weather, low humidity and large diurnal range of temperature. But cool season is generally effected by cold waves Western Disturbances. These western disturbance cause fairly widespread rain over the region with…

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Majestic Peaks of Pakistan

Exploring the Majestic Peaks of Pakistan

The peaks of Pakistan, adorned with breathtaking beauty, are a testament to nature’s grandeur. Towering in the Karakoram, Himalayas, and Hindu Kush, they include K2, the world’s second-highest peak, and the dramatic Nanga Parbat. These colossal summits attract mountaineers worldwide, navigating treacherous terrains for the thrill of conquering nature’s heights. Beyond the adrenaline, the peaks…

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Rivers of Pakistan

Rivers of Pakistan: Understanding Pakistan’s Waterways

Rivers are vital arteries of Earth, sustaining ecosystems and human life. They provide freshwater for agriculture, support diverse habitats, and serve as transportation routes. Beyond utility, rivers hold cultural significance, shaping societies and fostering biodiversity. Recognizing their importance is crucial for ecological balance and sustainable development. Here are the list of the rivers of Pakistan:

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