2024 Declared as Year of Information Technology

Year of Information Technology

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has officially designated 2024 as the Information Technology Year, with the goal of propelling the engineering community into a future marked by innovation and digital transformation. Enthusiastically conveying this message to the engineering community, Chairman Engr Najeeb Haroon expresses eagerness to embrace a technological revolution that holds the potential to redefine possibilities and shape a digitally driven landscape for the engineering sector.

Chairman Najeeb Haroon underscores the importance of bidding farewell to manual processes involving paper trails, advocating for the ushering in of an era characterized by smart and digitally transformed solutions. The Chairman has declared the slogan for the IT Year as “Innovate, Digitize, and Transform,” aiming to inspire engineers to harness the power of technology and leverage digital advancements, positioning PEC at the forefront of global innovation.

Confident in the adaptability and resilience of the engineering community amidst unprecedented digital change, Chairman PEC Najeeb Haroon assures skeptics that PEC is dedicated to providing essential support, resources, and training for a seamless transition into the digital landscape. Within the engineering sector, notable figures are already engaging in discussions about initiatives and projects aligned with the objectives of the Information Technology Year. Collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and the government are anticipated to play a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious goals set for 2024.

As PEC takes the lead in the realm of digital transformation, the engineering community stands at a crossroads, balancing excitement for the future with a measured approach to address potential challenges. The IT Year, with its emphasis on innovation, digitization, and transformation, is poised to reshape the engineering landscape in Pakistan and contribute to global advancements in the field.

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