Punjab, Province of Pakistan

Punjab Province of Pakistan

Punjab is most beautiful most populous, most developed province of Pakistan. Lahore is Capital of Punjab. The 45 % of the country’s total population is living in Punjab. Total are of Punjab is 205,344 sq km (79,283 sq mile). The population of Punjab is 81,330,531 and density is 396/sq km (1,024/ sq mile).The main languages of Punjab are Urdu, English and Punjabi (other language: Hindko, Potohari, Mewati, hangochi, Saraiki).

The world Punjab drives from the Persian world “PANJ” means “five” and “AB” means “Water” means “five waters” referring five rivers Jhelum river, Chenab river, Ravi river, Beas river And Sutlej river, that flow through out the Punjab

Punjab is land of five rivers, is endowed with many historical and beautiful scenic attractions. Punjab is one of the most fertile lands in the world having an excellent network of rivers and canals. Punjab has beautiful hill-tops, plateaus, desert and vast planes. Its major cities have magnificent mosques, mausoleums and gardens of great historical and architectural value. There is a lot of wildlife in some of the areas, particularly, in the salt range, Thal and Cholistan. The relics of one of the oldest civilizations of the world “Harappa” can be seen near Sahiwal in Punjab.

The Punjab has a rich cultural heritage and nature has bestowed on this land attractive tourist spots, good natured and hospitable people. Punjab truly is the land which is endearingly antiquated and progressively modern.

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