The Monsoon Season in Pakistan (July to September)

The Monsoon Season (July to September)

During monsoon season low pressure over subcontinent in May and June Attracts winds from Indian Ocean. Pakistan receives the tail-end of the monsoon winds, which enter Pakistan after crossing India. The monsoon gains strength until July, remain constant to the end of the August. In some years the monsoon remains active even in September.

The mountains and hilly areas receive more than 20 inches (50 cm) of rainfall and amount decrease sharply in plain area towards southwest. The highest rainfall during the monsoon season is received by Murree (85 cm / 34 inches) and the lowest by Nokkundi (1.25 cm / 0.05 inches)

During monsoon season (July) the mean monthly temperature exceeds 32 oC over most of the Indus plains and Western Balochistan. During monsoon season Multan-Jacob bad area remains under very low pressure.

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