Neighbours of Pakistan

Neighbours of Pakistan

Pakistan shares a small border with Iran to the southwest, influencing cultural exchanges and regional dynamics. These neighboring countries contribute to Pakistan’s diverse geopolitical relationships, impacting its foreign policy, trade, security concerns, and regional stability. The interactions between Pakistan and its neighbors shape the nation’s political and economic landscape.

Pakistan shares borders with several countries, shaping its geopolitical landscape. To the west lies Afghanistan, known for its complex history and rugged terrain. India forms its eastern border, characterized by a history of tension and occasional conflict. China borders Pakistan to the north, fostering economic and strategic ties.

Pakistan is landlocked from three sides. India lies to its east. It has a long border with India, which is approximately 1610 km. There is a railway link between the two countries at Wagah near Lahore (Pakistan) and Atari near Amritsar (India). A railway line exists between Khokrapar (Sindh, Pakistan) and Munabao (India), but remains suspended at present.

China lies to the north of Pakistan. Lofty snowcapped Mountains lie between the two countries. The Karakoram Highway links the two countries via the Khunjerab Pass. The border between Pakistan and China is 585 km, which can be considered small. Afghanistan is located on the north-western border of Pakistan. There are two important roads that link Afghanistan with Pakistan. One links Peshawar (Pakistan) with Kabul (Afghanistan) via the Khyber Pass. Other links Quetta (Pakistan) to Kandahar (Afghanistan) via Khojak Pass. There is a proposal to extend the railway from Chaman (Pakistan) to Kandhar (Afghanistan). Afghanistan is landlocked, therefore, a large part of its trade passes through Pakistan. With Afghanistan, Pakistan has the longest boundary, which is 2252 km.

Iran lies to the South-west of Pakistan. There is a railway link between Pakistan and Iran as well. The railway runs from Quetta via Dalbandin and NokKundi to Iran. Huh-i-Taftan is the Border railway station in Pakistan and Zahedan in Iran. A road runs parallel to the Railways. There is another good road link between two countries, which connects southern Balochistan through Turbat and Mand with Iran. A large trade exists between Pakistan and Iran.

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