Hot weather (Summer season) of Pakistan (April to August)

In summer season (Hot weather), the western disturbance move in northerly latitude and cause thunderstorms over mountainous area and dust raising winds over the plains. The air pressure due to advent of summer falls rapidly and low pressure begins to appear over the indo-Pakistan. In May and June temperature over 40oC is not uncommon -40 oC to 50 oC. In Jacababad, Sibi and Turbat, 53 oC temperatures are recorded in May and June.

Pakistan is characterized by extreme continentally in hot season. High temperature and low relative humidity is common. The along the coast enjoys, the pleasant sea breeze and moderate temperature. While north-eastern and western hilly region experiences pleasant weather, the hot season temperature occasionally exceeds 30 oC temperatures.

The weather from April to June is dry and rainfall varies 1 to 3 inches (2.5 cm – 7.5 cm). Sometimes,Arabian Sea winds bring heavy coastal area rainfalls.

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