Balochistan, Province of Pakistan

Baluchistan province of Pakistan

Balochistan is a province of Pakistan occupies the south-western par of Pakistan. Balochistan is a largest province of Pakistan in the term of Size. Balochistan has borders with iran and Afghanistan on the the west. Sindh lies to its south-east, Punjab lies to its north-east and NWFP and FATA to its north and the Arabian sea lies to its South.

The covered area of Balochistan is 347,190 square kilometer (134,051 square mile). Its covered 44 % of Pakistan’s Total land mass. The population of Balochistan in 2011 (EST…) 7,914,000 and density is 22.8 per Square kilometer. The main languages are Urdu, Pashto, Brahui, Sindhi and Balochi. Quetta is a capital of Balochistan Pakistan.

Balochistan is a land of contrast. It has places with rugged mountains like Chilton, Takatu, Sulaiman, Sultan etc. And plains stretching hundreds of miles. It has fertile land such as in Nasirabad and the tracks which are thirsty for centuries in the pat section of Sibi district and the Makran desert zone. It has hottest place in the country like Sibi and the cool towns like Quetta, Ziarat, Kan Mehtarzai and Kalat where temperature goes below freezing point and these areas remains under thick cover of snow in winter.

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