Top 15 Places to Visit in Lahore – Most Beautiful Lahore Places to see

Top 15 Places to Visit in Lahore – Most Beautiful Lahore Places to see

As stunning as this You are all aware of the famous and major landmarks, sightseeing and tourist resorts in Pakistan, thanks to How Pakistan. But there’s more to the beauty of Pakistan than just the famous major landmarks. Top 15 Places to Visit in Lahore – Most Beautiful Lahore Places to see photograph is, Pakistan has such scenes visible in its every corner.

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Every local place in Pakistan has uniqueness and peculiar element attached to it and we at How Pakistan fully understand that. This is why we have launched this new category Lifestyle, Pakistan, Travel to showcase the stunning views, sceneries and more from various local places and destinations in Pakistan.

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Every city has something unique to offer. Lahore is often called the Heart of Pakistan. It is said to be among the liveliest places that you can hope to visit.

There are quite a few attractions in the city, so if you are contemplating taking a trip to Lahore, these are the places that you should not miss. Lahore certainly has a lot to offer from a tourism point of view.

From monuments that form part of the cultural heritage to architectural beauties, from mouthwatering food to beautiful sights, this city is enriched with places for you to visit. Let us take a look at some of the most appealing and interesting places in Lahore.

1. Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque Lahore

Badshahi Mosque Lahore

If you want to visit a place that is a historical and cultural landmark and also makes for a wonderful piece of architecture, this is one that you should not miss.

This mosque was built by Aurangzeb, who was the sixth Mughal emperor. Constructed between the periods of 1671 and 1673, it was the largest mosque during the time of its construction.

Currently, it is the second largest mosque in Pakistan and seventh largest around the world.

The architecture of this mosque is impressive, and it can accommodate more than a thousand worshippers at one time. The mosque was included in the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1993.

2. Tomb of Jahangir, Lahore

Tomb of Jahangir Lahore

Tomb of Jahangir Lahore

This is the mausoleum built for the Mughal emperor Jahangir and is located in Shahdara Bagh. According to history, the location of this tomb is the spot where Jahangir loved to spend time with his favorite wife, Nur Jahan.

When he died, he was buried in Dilkusha Garden till his son, Shah Jahan, declared that a mausoleum will be built which would be apt for the emperor.

It is said that more than Shah Jahan, it was Nur Jahan who had the vision of this tomb. She took inspiration from the burial place of her fathers and took a personal interest in the construction and architecture of this mausoleum.

The construction of the tomb took 10 years and to date, it is one of the most beautiful places that you will visit in Lahore.

3. Lahore Fort / Shahi Qila

Lahore Fort Shahi Qila

Lahore Fort Shahi Qila

A citadel in Lahore, it is one of the largest urban parks present in the country of Pakistan.

It is spread over an area of 20 hectares. While innovations continued to be brought about in the place for a long time, the base structure was laid during the reign of Akbar. It was upgraded by the subsequent Mughal emperors.

It has two gates, one which is built by Aurangzeb and is called Alamgiri gate that opens towards the Badshahi Mosque and the other is built by Akbar called Maseeti that opens towards the Maseeti area of the walled city.

Currently, the Maseeti gate has been permanently closed. This place is said to be an epitome of Mughal architecture.

4. Shalimar Garden, Lahore

Shalimar Gardens Lahore

Shalimar Garden Lahore

This is a Mughal garden complex whose construction commenced in the year 1637 and culminated in 1641. The beauty and design of this garden are breathtaking and tend to leave one spellbound.

The structure has basically been laid out in the shape of an oblong parallelogram and is surrounded by a high brick wall. The wall is quite famous for the intricate fretwork that it has been provided with.

5. Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park Lahore

Sozo Water Park Lahore

If you think that architectural and historical monuments are all that the place has to offer, you are mistaken. If you are looking for amusement, the Sozo Water Park will not let you down. It is among the few water-themed parks that you will find in the city, which is why it manages to attract quite a few people.

The park comprises of three pools among which two increase in depth gradually, while one has a constant depth of water. There are many slides that end into the pool. There is also a huge bucket of water that pours all the water down every few minutes and refills to do the same again.

6. Minar-e-Pakistan



It is one of the historical monuments present in Lahore, which holds immense importance for every Pakistani. It is located in Iqbal Park, which is among the largest urban parks in the city.

It was constructed in 1960 to mark the site where the All India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution on 23rd March 1940. It was the first official call made by Muslims for a separate homeland.

If it is architecture that we talk about, it is the perfect mix of Mughal and Islamic architecture with the influence of modern architecture apparent.

7. Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum

If you are interested in history, this is one place that you should make a visit to. Established in 1865, it was originally based on the site of the hall of Punjab Exhibition and was later moved to The Mall in 1894.

The architecture of the museum is mesmerizing, and it is the largest museum present in Pakistan.

You will get to see an array of old-fashioned objects with Urdu captions. If you are looking for a place that would tell you more about the life of olden times, this is one that you should take a look at.

8. Safari Park

Safari Park Lahore

Safari Park Lahore

If you have a keen interest in animal life, the Safari Park in Lahore will not disappoint you. This park was constructed back in 1982 and since then, quite a few upgrades have been brought about.

A number of species can be found in this park. These include the likes of Indian peafowl, Bengal tiger, lion, mute swan and much more.

Being the largest walkthrough aviary present in Pakistan, it also offers you an opportunity to have fun with different activities such as boating and fishing. There are safari tracks present as well.

9. Jinnah Garden

Jinnah Garden Lahore

Jinnah Garden Lahore

As it is often called, Bagh-e-Jinnah is a historical park which was originally named Lawrence Gardens.

The large park is now composed of a number of buildings, including a botanical garden, the Quaid-e-Azam library and much more.

There is a walking trail present in the area too, and you will find that it is enriched with things to amuse you including entertainment and sports facilities. It has a restaurant, tennis court, and much more.

10. Joyland

Joyland Lahore

Joyland Lahore

Established in 1977, it is one of the largest amusement parks present in the city of Lahore. If you need a bit of entertainment and relaxation, this is the place you should head to, and it will not let you down.

11. Jallo Park

Jallo Park Lahore

Jallo Park Lahore

Established in 1978, this is a wildlife park present in Lahore. The other two parks of the same type include the Lahore Zoo Safari and Changa Manga.

There are quite a few centers in the park, including the likes of the Forest Research Center and the Wildlife Breeding Center. It also has quite a few restaurants and coffee places along with a theme park and a sports complex.

12. Food Street

Food Street lahore

Food Street lahore

If there is one thing for which Lahore is most famous for, it is its food street.

In this food street, you will find an array of shops and stalls, which will give you an opportunity to taste mouthwatering dishes that form the heart of Lahore. The food is delicious and likely to leave you yearning for more.

If you want the taste of authentic Lahori cuisine, this is the place that you should head to.

13. Race Course Park

Race Course Park Lahore

Race Course Park Lahore

This place, which is also known as the Jilani Park, is quite famous.

The reason that it piques interest among people lies in its floral exhibitions along with its artificial waterfall.

Annual horse racing competitions are conducted in this park and the rather famous restaurant, Polo Lounge, is also present here.

14. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park

This is quite a large recreational park present in Lahore. Situated in Allama Iqbal town, which is a suburban locality, this park has been named after the famous poet, Allama Iqbal.

The park hosts a number of rides for children, including swings and bumper cars. It also has an artificial lake along with a mini zoo. Being well maintained, it is among the places that families love to visit.

15. Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo

Lahore Zoo

Established in 1872, it is one of the largest zoos present in South Asia. Over 136 species are present in the zoo, and it is home to about 1380 animals. It is among the oldest zoos of the world, thereby making it a historical landmark.

The primary attractions of this zoo include the animal exhibits, exotic flora, and safari park. The zoo is quite large and is likely to keep you busy and engaged for hours.

There is no denying that Lahore is one of the most beautiful and liveliest places that you can visit. This place would not let you down and ensure that your trip is filled with entertainment. You will not run out of activities to do in this city.


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