Taher Shah’s ‘angel’ a hit embarrassment?

Taher Shah’s ‘angel’ a hit embarrassment?

Angel by Taher Shah

As stunning as this You are all aware of the famous and major landmarks, sightseeing and tourist resorts in Pakistan, thanks to How Pakistan. But there’s more to the beauty of Pakistan than just the famous major landmarks. Taher Shah’s ‘angel’ a hit embarrassment? photograph is, Pakistan has such scenes visible in its every corner.

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Every local place in Pakistan has uniqueness and peculiar element attached to it and we at How Pakistan fully understand that. This is why we have launched this new category Social to showcase the stunning views, sceneries and more from various local places and destinations in Pakistan.

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The local places section at How Pakistan Taher Shah’s ‘angel’ a hit embarrassment? showcases images, videos, wallpapers and galleries about Pakistan gathered from various sources across the World Wide Web. Just like this image posted on April 11, 2016, there are hundreds more that can be seen in our local places category. We keep adding fresh images from stunning local destinations in Pakistan every day.

If you liked Taher Shah’s ‘angel’ a hit embarrassment?, So don’t forget to keep checking us again if you’d like to check more beautiful pictures from Pakistan. We’re sure the stunning beautiful images from Pakistan will leave you in even more love, admiration and respect for your motherland Pakistan and if you’re from outside Pakistan, you’ll equally fall in love with this Asian country.

If you live on this planet and are connected to the internet, you must have watched the ‘angel’ song video – a hit single by Taher Shah – by now. It is the same video that broke the internet by trending on Twitter for three consecutive days after its release.

Regardless of what you might say about the guy, his song is one of those big-on-internet things everyone is talking about. Let’s analyze the song on its elements one by one.

The lyrics: We all know the lyrics of the song don’t make much sense. If anything, they sound like random words coming out of his mouth.

This includes the monologue in the similar style of his previous song “eye to eye”. No matter how grammatical unsound the lyrics are, they make you burst into laughter. And yes, it further includes the quirky accent.

How about the costumes? Was it a wizard? Was it an angel? Or was it the Son Pari redefined? We all know Shah has a sense of coming up with the most exquisite costumes for his song as he did in his previous song.

Okay so the long purple robe, shinning tiara a wand and of course the fairy wings. You’d wish that was all but it wasn’t. Other than the purple rob, you also see Taher Shah adorned in the blue rob. Just when you wished it was enough, you get to see blonde wigs on his true love… an unidentified woman in the song who is also supposedly an angel.

And what do you know? They have an ‘angel’ kid. Kid’s cuteness apart, people on the internet have been saying the poor thing might need years of therapy after growing up and watching what he starred in.

How about we talk some melody now?

Well, the instrumental work, flute and melody are nice no matter what the critics say. The tune will have you hooked on to it and you might want to listen to the damn song again and again even if it makes no sense to you.

You would hate it to your gut but still wanna watch and listen to it again. It would make you laugh, it would make you swear, it might make you throw up and it even might want you to bang your head but at the end it would give you something to talk about.

So the haters will hate, I see you enjoy the song for now. 🙂



  • comment-avatar
    S. Afzal 12 months

    If you’re gonna criticize the poor guy for his English, at least learn to spell “robe”.

    • comment-avatar
      Essie 11 months

      I apicpreate you taking to time to contribute That’s very helpful.

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