Phupho — A nightmare?

Phupho — A nightmare?

As stunning as this You are all aware of the famous and major landmarks, sightseeing and tourist resorts in Pakistan, thanks to How Pakistan. But there’s more to the beauty of Pakistan than just the famous major landmarks. Phupho — A nightmare? photograph is, Pakistan has such scenes visible in its every corner.

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Every local place in Pakistan has uniqueness and peculiar element attached to it and we at How Pakistan fully understand that. This is why we have launched this new category Entertainment to showcase the stunning views, sceneries and more from various local places and destinations in Pakistan.

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The local places section at How Pakistan Phupho — A nightmare? showcases images, videos, wallpapers and galleries about Pakistan gathered from various sources across the World Wide Web. Just like this image posted on April 30, 2016, there are hundreds more that can be seen in our local places category. We keep adding fresh images from stunning local destinations in Pakistan every day.

If you liked Phupho — A nightmare?, So don’t forget to keep checking us again if you’d like to check more beautiful pictures from Pakistan. We’re sure the stunning beautiful images from Pakistan will leave you in even more love, admiration and respect for your motherland Pakistan and if you’re from outside Pakistan, you’ll equally fall in love with this Asian country.


We all are familiar with the most famous trend about “Phupho’s”. Okay so basically there exist two categories of Phupho’s now.

The one who is our father’s sister. And the second one is the one who is the most annoying, rebellious person and is disliked by most of the family members (real phupho could possess the second category 😛 ). This blog is related to both of them.

So let’s see which category is the most famous one.

Famous for Phaddy and Lariyan!

Phupho NightmareNo matter what type of event is happening there will be someone who never miss the opportunity to ruin the moment. This is a special talent that our relatives have got. Admit it, this occurs most of the time in your family gatherings too. Because this happens very often in every Pakistani house, we are used to it.

Our Pakistani weddings are incomplete without Phaddy and Lariyan. And the famous known cause behind it is our Phupho’s. They get blamed for it all the time. A normal Pakistani wedding in which everyone behaves normal is really a rare thing. This meme depicts it all.

Hum sb khush thy or Phupho agaien!!

funny phuppo

Whenever the situation gets worse we love to blame our Phupho’s for this.

The most famous proverb that never fails to hit the trend is ‘’ hum sb khush thy or Phupho agaien”.

This simple line shows all about how we consider our Phupho. The slayer of merry moments! (Sighs).

We love to mock our Phupho, and jokes and puns about them never gets old. The only thing that stands between you and your unattainable goals is not your laziness, it’s the Taney (taunts) of your phupho. Another famous notion that hits our mind is Black magic and the phupho 😛

We can’t sacrifice our biriyani for anything. But if it from Phupho’s place than it is definitely a nightmare! Don’t eat it because black magic has been done on it.

It as if we have a long-standing battle with her (Pakistani logic). Here is the most accurate tweet for it.


Shadi phupho k betay say e hugi!!

Shadi with Phupo ka betaIf u have a phupho in your family and she also has a son then u should not be worried about your marriage.

80 percent chances are that u will get married to him.

And mostly girls dont likes ‘PHUPHO KA BETA’ for many reasons 😀

Another most common notion or u can say myth that we people believe in. sometimes it happens to be true.

Well cousin marriage is not a big issue in our society.

All of a sudden u get the proposal from your phupho and your parents accepts it, after all it was from phupho 😛

Plenty of memes have been made on this issue too. Here I have got one for u too.

Our cousins are always the best!!


One thing that you have to admit from your childhood days that your cousins (phupho k bachy) are far more superior to u in terms of studies, household skills and extracurricular activities.

You are nothing but a dumb piece of cake 😛 in front of them. No matter how hard u try or how big u achieve, make a simple mistake and see how your parent compares u with them. (U definitely gonna hate it).

This is the famous and the most loving torture that is used by our parents. If u suffer from this then my heartiest sympathies are with u people. At the end of the day your cousins are “the best”.

We have to accept this bitterest reality. Although we know very well what they are up to but we are still useless because they are the kids of your phupho.

This is What Pakistanis Think About their Phupho



How is your phupho like? Tell us in the comments below. 😀 


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    Mahum Ijaz 11 months

    i am very lucky to have amazing phuphos. i love them a lot. they love me also endless. i can not listen anything against them.

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