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Mathnasium Offers Workout for the Mind
Rather than stressing memorization and repetitive exercises, the Mathnasium Method of math instruction focuses on first helping children develop an intuitive idea of how numbers work and learning how to do math mentally.

Start Your Engines
千亿体育官网 Merging his life-long love of racing and a classroom of fourth graders, teacher Tom Stock created a winning learning combination.

NYC Teacher Selected to Present Lessons from Antarctica
Middle-school science teacher Shakira Brown encourages her students to take part in hands-on learning. She will be following her own advice as part of an eight-week expedition to Antarctica. Brown plans to teach lessons for U.S. students live from the ice.

The Slinky Paradigm: How One Science Teacher (Eventually) Created Another
"He made the material, and his students, feel important and, hey, when youre talking about fundamental issues in the universe, it isnt always easy to make an individual student feel significant. It was a gift he gave each of us."

Wonder Years Actress Extols Wonders of Math
After endearing herself to TV viewers as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, actress Danica McKellar discovered her love and aptitude for mathematics. McKellar hopes her book, Math Doesnt Suck,千亿体育官网 makes math more understandable for girls.

Math Heroes
How much richer an appreciation our students might have for mathematics as a living science if we share with them the budding of new ideas in math heroes past and present! It all begins with "I wonder."

Growing a Summer Math Garden
Will the long summer yield a math drought, an occasional math drizzle, or a flourishing garden of math skills for your students? Activities to help their summer math garden grow.

Springtime Math
In springtime, you and your students might like to explore math in the great outdoors. Wendy Petti offers a number of creative ideas for teaching math outside the classroom.

千亿体育官网 Probability is a numerical measure of how likely an event is to happen. Probability is measured in fractions between 0 and 1. (0 is impossible; 1 is certain.) Sometimes, probability is represented as a percentage -- from 0 percent to 100 percent.

Linear Equations Game
千亿体育官网 Ms. Madhavi Dhande, who teaches at Sree Chaitanya Public School in Delhi, India, submitted this lesson, which provides a game where students pair up to solve linear equations for the value of a variable. (Grades 7-12)


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