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Are you an educator interested in establishing an online presence for your classroom? Many Web sites offer teachers free tools and free hosting services, with no HTML knowledge needed. Whether your goal is a home page, a hotlist, a WebQuest, or a full-fledged Web site, these online resources will allow you to create the online "home" of your dreams! Included: Links to the best free Web site builders and hosts the Internet has to offer!

千亿体育官网 "As the technology coordinator at my school, I've had several teachers ask me to show them how to create a Web page for their classes," technology teacher told Education World. "Because I use HTML, I needed to find an inexpensive and easy way for novice Web designers to create sites."

千亿体育官网 Horrocks, who teaches grades 6-12 at for Girls in Los Angeles, sent an e-mail to Classroom Connect's "Connected Teacher" listserv, asking her peers to recommend sites they had used. She received about 30 replies -- and many leads to share with teachers at her school.

"Currently, I'm the only teacher in my school who has created a classroom site," explained Horrocks. "We are really hoping, though, that teachers will catch the fever; we'd love to see more teachers create sites. As we all know, however, it's a huge time commitment -- and sometimes time is not easy to come by."

Hosts With the Most: Educational Web Site Builders

Selecting the right resource to suit your needs is essential to developing a Web site you and your students can be proud of. The following sites, developed specifically for educators, offer flexibility, reliability, and a simple format.

* Create your own password-protected list of educational resources with from . Every page can be customized with a title, theme, and mascot.
*A free home page is one of the benefits of membership in the community. Registration is free, and the pages can include photos, links, and even documents. Know a little HTML? You can add it too!
* , another source for Web site development and publishing, offers a variety of hosting options.
千亿体育官网 * This site claims that anyone can create an "" in just two minutes! Less a Web site than a virtual bulletin board, an eBoard is the perfect format for publishing class announcements, messages for parents, photos, links, WebQuests, and even pesky permission forms!


With Web hosts designed for teachers, however, building simple Web pages couldn't be faster or easier. The resources below -- many from Horrocks's list -- provide educators with the tools they need to create attractive Web pages and to publish those pages for free!

  • Whether you want to create a complete Web site or just a WebQuest, TeacherWeb can help. Available only to educators, TeacherWeb's basic site provides space for classroom announcements, homework assignments, teacher background, a calendar, FAQs, and links. A sample starter site shows the versatility of this particular host. Non-educators can use the site's counterpart, , for $3.95 per month.

  • This unique Web creation tool allows educators to establish five different types of pages for student use -- a hotlist, scrapbook, treasure hunt, sampler, and WebQuest. Filamentality, from Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network Explorer, does not host teacher home pages; it's designed instead to help educators create online activities and encourage active learning among their students. The site saves students search time by providing starting pages for online explorations. Students can use resources created by their own teachers or visit the site's to explore existing topics! "Filamentality is a great site for creating an online work sheet," said Horrocks. "Several of my colleagues use it and love it. It definitely takes a bit of preparation, but the kids really enjoy the end result."

  • Register with SchoolNotes, part of , and quickly create a classroom Web site. Teachers can post assignments or class notes along with school contact information and favorite links.


Several of the sites recommended to Horrocks were established for any Web user, not just teachers. Horrocks's favorite choice for online site creation and hosting -- although no longer a totally free service -- is .

"千亿体育官网stead is a fantastic online Web design site," Horrocks told Education World. "It's my personal choice for online Web authoring. I really like 千亿体育官网stead because the site is very user friendly -- users don't need to know a hint of HTML -- and offers lots of options. Teachers who have no idea how to create a Web page can simply click an icon to place text, pictures, sounds, a hit counter, weather, a guest book, and more on their own Web pages."

Horrocks especially appreciates the fact that 千亿体育官网stead allows teachers to import student work for parents to see. She noted, "If a teacher is seriously interested in creating a classroom Web site and doesn't mind spending $5 a month -- or if the school is willing to cover that cost -- 千亿体育官网stead is the way to go!"

Free for All -- Even More Web Site Builders

Although not designed specifically for educators, the resources below are also useful for creating free Web sites!
  • This popular Yahoo! outlet for free Web site hosting offers short URLs, "PageWizards," and an easy-to-use editor for building pages.
  • The Web builders Angelfire and Tripod are a part of the Lycos family. Choose from several sources to meet your Web-building needs.
  • Even beginners can make handy home pages with this resource. Simply name the page, select graphics, and then add the finishing touches.


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