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The Best Web Sites for Learning 千亿体育官网 Father's Day
Fathers Day is the third Sunday of June, and I thought it would be a good topic for a short list.

The Best Web Sites for Learning 千亿体育官网 Memorial Day
With Memorial Day coming up later this month, I thought it would be useful to create another list.

The Best Nutrition and Food Safety Sites
千亿体育官网 A number of Web tools related to food nutrition and safety have opened for business" in the past year.

The Best Earth Day Sites
Earth Day, a time to recognize and celebrate environmental awareness, is on April 22nd. I thought it might be useful to have a The Best" list for that day.

The Best Sources of Ideas for Simple Classroom Science Experiments
千亿体育官网 Having students perform simple classroom science experiments is a great way for all students to learn science content knowledge and gain an understanding of the scientific method.

The Best Sites for Learning 千亿体育官网 St. Patricks Day and April Fools Day
千亿体育官网 With St. Patricks Day (March 17th) and April Fools Day (April 1st) coming so close together, I thought that it would be good to combine the two in a The Best" list.

Top Ten Learning Tools of 2009
千亿体育官网 From Larry Ferlazzos Learning Tools Compendium come his picks for the top ten learning tools of 2009.

Best Web Sites for African-American History
February is Black History Month in the United States, so I thought a Best" list focusing on the best Web sites to teach and learn about African-American history would be timely and helpful.

Best Science and Math Sites for 2009
Here are my choices for The Best Science and Math Sites 2009. Im not listing them in any order of preference, except at the very end of this post, where Ill highlight the number one site for both science and math this year. (Its the same for both.)

Best Online Personality, Career, Political, and Just-Plain-Fun Quizzes
Online quizzes of various types abound on the Web. Many are just for fun, but include reading and vocabulary development opportunities. Some, though, also offer useful information to students.

The Best Fun Sites You Can Use for Learning Too 2009
These Web sites werent designed with education in mind, but they easily can be used for learning purposes -- particularly, though not exclusively, for English Language development.

Best Sites for Learning Economics and Practical Money Skills
There are a large number of financial literacy sites out there, but I have to say I was surprised at how many of them I just didnt think were very good. Here, however, are my picks for more than a dozen of the best sites for learning economics and practical money skills.

Places to Learn Computer Basics and
How to Fix Tech Problems

I know the title of this The Best" list is a mouthful, but I thought readers might find it useful to have some good resources where non-tech-savvy people (like myself) can look for help related to technology trouble-shooting and software questions.

Sites for Helping Beginning Readers
The best way to teach people to read is to provide them with accessible and high-interest text. The images and audio at these sites provide a high degree of accessibility. The large quantity of stories the sites offer help them meet the high-interest" criteria.

Web 2.0 Applications for Education
千亿体育官网 In order to make this list of 30 top Web 2.0 applications for education., a site had to be free, accessible to English Language Learners and non-tech savvy users, appropriate for classroom use, and completely browser-based with no download required.

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