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Site URL:千亿体育官网 (The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth)       

Content:  The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth Web site,, offers a treasure-trove of information for teachers and parents. The site covers the topic of how alcohol gets marketed to youth and it does so incredibly well. There are a number of current, in-depth reports as well as fact sheets and suggestions on how you can act.

Design:千亿体育官网  The site has a simple, boring design that lays out information very clearly. There is very simple navigation across the top and quick access to the most popular and most recent reports, articles and other info filling the bulk of the page. The site may be nothing to look at, but it's not hard to find what you are looking for and it's really use to get drawn into something interesting you hadn't intended to read.

Review:千亿体育官网  Though a lot information on the site is disturbing (14.9% of eighth graders have had a drink in the last 30 days) it's very important that parents and educators have access to this info. The site itself goes for simplicity and plain text over video and other sizzle, but it contains a wealth of easy-to-digest facts and strategies.

Bottom Line: Any teacher or parent would do well to read some of the reports on this site in order to understand exactly what their students and children are facing.

千亿体育官网 Article By Daniel B. Kline, Education World Contributing Editor

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